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Hello from Canada! Below please find some infographs that we did about children's rights. We also have a video to show you which I will post tomorrow from school. (I can't do it from home for some reason). We look forward to working with all of you.



Here is the video:










Contributions Challenges: We have a large class of 37 students, so we decided to do all the challenges. Each group has included the information below.


Group 1 - Children's rights - Group Members: Alex, Fardin, Aman, Jeffrey

Success Criteria:

Assignment 1: Debate


Group 2 - Autonomy and Recognition - Group Members: Hridi, William, Joshua, Morgan

Success Criteria:


Assignment 1: The Drawing


Assignment 2: The Poem


Assignment 3: The Story



Group 3: Right to Education - Group Members: Robbie, Teagan, Caleb, Carter


Group 4: Child Labour - Group Members: Arpita, Rahin, Thupten, Meharab, Jared, Sabrina, Maddox, Nigel, Lily, Mahjabin, Rahnuma

Our Learning Goals :

To educate and enhance our knowledge around the issues of child labour, to learn who engages in child labour, what types of child labour, and why. Also, to understand what solutions can help with child labour/employment.


Our Success Criteria :

To think critically about child labour

To find reliable sources on statistics

To complete all the assignments SUCCESSFULLY


Assignment 1: Raise Awareness


Assignment 2: Quiz


Account: wewillnotbeshaken

Password: peanut


Assignment 3: Research: Check your Belongings


Group 5: Girl's Rights - Group Members: Nadine, Florina, M.J., Isabel, Vanessa, Belle, Parker, Rosemary, Saige

Success Criteria:


Assignment 1: Presentations

Assignment 2: Child Marriages



We chose this Challenge:

And this assignment:


Our learning goals are:

Our success criteria are:







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Our Letters to Unicef (Robbie and Fardin) (Tanushree) (Jared) (Mahjabin) (Caleb and Meharab) (Nadine) (Florina and Isabel) (Alex and Teagan) (Vanessa) (Sabrina) (Belle) (Jeffrey) (M.J. and Rosemary) (Morgan) (Rahnuma) (Hridi) (Aman) (Thupten and Rahin) (Joshua) (Arpita and Prapti) (Saige) (Nigel and Maddox) (William)