In this schedule, you'll find one other school behind your school name. This means that every school can make two appointments for a video conference in the month of April or May.
Use Skype, Zoom, Messenger video or other social media.

Please stick to the schedule, so everyone gets the chance to meet the other participants. 

Feel free to organize more appointments, or to meet sooner. 


Details for the meeting can be set per email.

Please fill in the name and email address of a teacher or student.

Email addresses of teachers can be found via the dark blue tab  'Users'  above. Easier is to fill in the name on this schedule.




Skypes with:

Name and Email address ( of a teacher or student):


1  Bal Prabhat Boarding( Secondary School) school 2  
2  OBS De Dreske school 3
3  Marie Le Fevreschool school 4    
4  De Meergronden school 5  
5  Village Montessori School – Pretoria, South Africa school 6 Tania Coetzer  May 8 or 10
6  Montessorischool Wageningen school 7    
7  Birch Cliff Heights Public School school 8 Georgina Solomon (Teacher)  April 12 or 13 or 20
8  SOU "Kole Nehtenin" school 9    
9  t Atrium school 1 Anniek Brinkman  (teacher)  after 30th of april on sunday till thursday



Before you meet: